These Are The Fastest-Growing Cities In California

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So how did cities in the Golden State rank?
When looking at the overall rankings, only one California city ranked among the top 10 fastest-growing cities in the country.
Pleasanton came in as the 10th fastest-growing city in America, according to WalletHub. The suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area is home to a number of corporate headquarters, from Safeway to Simpson Manufacturing.
WalletHub also separately ranked the growth of small, medium and large cities.
Pleasanton came in as the fourth fastest-growing small city, with only Meridian, Idaho, Fort Myers, Florida, and Bend, Oregon, faring better. Milpitas, a city in Santa Clara County, landed the seventh spot in the small city rankings, followed by Redwood City, on the San Francisco Peninsula, in the ninth spot. Overall, Milpitas ranked 18th and Redwood City ranked 23rd among the 515 cities.
Irvine in Orange County is the seventh fastest-growing midsize city, according to WalletHub. The city ranked 13th overall.
A few of California’s biggest cities ranked among the top 10 fastest-growing big cities. San Jose came in sixth, followed by Oakland at eighth and San Francisco at the ninth spot. Overall, San Jose ranked 45th, Oakland ranked 65th and San Francisco ranked 66th.

  1. Pleasanton (10)
  2. Irvine (13)
  3. Milpitas (18)
  4. Redwood City (23)
  5. Union City (27)
  6. Hayward (28)
  7. Santa Clara (38)
  8. Arden-Arcade (41)
  9. Daly City (42)
  10. San Jose (45)
  11. Tustin (47)
  12. Sunnyvale (48)
  13. Mountain View (50)
  14. Antioch (55)
  15. Indio (56)
  16. Fremont (60)
  17. Moreno Valley (61)
  18. Oakland (65)
  19. San Francisco (66)
  20. Manteca (72)
  21. Berkeley (73)
  22. San Mateo (74)
  23. Temecula (79)
  24. Napa (84)
  25. Murrieta (88)

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