Registered Broker with: Fannie Mae, NACA, HUD, CAR and NAR

When people hear the word Waldorf, they instantly think high-end, rich, 5 star hotels!   But Waldorf is a method of teaching.  We at Waldorf believe that Knowledge is Power so we, not only assist our clients with their real estate needs, we also teach and explain the entire process thoroughly and in terms you can understand.  With better education, we truly believe that one can make better decisions about real estate and all other aspects in life.  Give us a try!

At Waldorf Realty, we believe firmly in building successful relationships. Our clients have high expectations, because we deliver results. In a world so consumed by change, Waldorf Realty remains prepared and able to adapt to current business and local market conditions.

Confidence is key in any real estate relationship, and Waldorf Realty provides its clients with a certainty of trust. The firm specializes in the East Bay Area and with first home buyers.

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