Foreclosure Properties

Waldorf Realty is a registered broker with HUD, NACA, Fannie Mae (Homepath), and Freddie Mac (Homesteps)

We can assist you in putting bids on any home thru any of these agencies:

Just click on any agency, and give us a call if you are interested in any property at 510-932-1066   <—-HUD FORECLOSURE HOMES FOR SALE <—— HOMEPATH FORECLOSURES <—– HOMESTEP FORECLOSURES

foreclosure (10K-100K) – 40,500 last year
foreclosures (12,100)
foreclosures for sale (1,900)
foreclosure homes (10K – 100K) – was 22K
foreclosure homes for sale (1K – 10K)
foreclosure listing (480)
foreclosure listings (1K – 10K) – 5,400 last year
foreclosure or short sale (10 – 100)
home foreclosures (1K – 10K)
list of foreclosures (100-1k)
short sales process (1K to 10K) – up from 110 last year
short selling (1K – 10K)
short selling a home (10-100)
short selling your home (10-100)
short sale process (9,900)
short sale vs foreclosure (1K – 10K)
what is short selling a house (10-100)