Simple steps to avoid negative energy

Sensitivity is often labeled as a weakness but in reality it cultivates a strength that most people aren’t aware of. Sensitivity is more like a tool, that you must sharpen, clean and know when to put it away.

We aren’t really taught how to manage our energy, and some of us start absorbing the negative energy too easily. We are engulfed with negative energy around us day in and day out.

In this video, Rachael Webb, an expert in spirituality, traditional Chinese Medicine and the power of mind-body connection gives you tips to protect yourself from negative energy, and channel your sensitivity in the right direction.

One practice that most people teach about protecting yourself from negativity is shielding yourself with white light. This has several loopholes.

So, when you perceive someone as scary or negative, you’re actually giving them your energy. You tend to think that their negativity is more powerful, their darkness is superior to your light. Then, you construct a shield around yourself, create a shield energetically to protect yourself from the negativity. By doing this, you’re giving them your POWER!

Now, a shield takes energy to hold up. So, you’re investing your energy in maintaining this boundary around you to protect yourself.

Rachael explains two techniques that can help you avoid getting entangled with negative energy and emotions! She teaches these techniques in her ‘Énergetic Healing’ online video course.

There are two primary practices you could try:

1. Cord Cutting (“Energetic Hand Washing”)

2. Containment ( Your “Energetic Rubber Gloves”)



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